LaunchPad: Starting Your Own Video Game Website

LaunchPad: Starting Your Own Video Game Website

Starting a video game website

Early last year we planned to put together a series about starting your own website devoted to video games. Well, our timing fell through, things got busy, and we had to put it aside… Until now. We have a full slate of things lined up, and hope that this series will help you plan your own endeavors. We’re kicking it off again by pointing you over to this first article we began with, asking “why” you’d like to create a website in the first place, and some of the pitfalls you can expect.

Here’s an excerpt:


So why start a website, then?

If there is anything that creating a website offers most of is ownership. Creation leads to ultimate satisfaction, especially if the product that you create is something that becomes successful. The ability to see something blossom that you’ve built with your (virtual) hands is going to give you more fulfillment than you could probably imagine. Nothing is perfect, though, and you’re going to hit times that make you want to second-guess yourself, and maybe even pushing you to give up.



You can read the full article here:

Starting your own popular video game website, part 1

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