Steam Users Unable to Download DmC: Devil May Cry [UPDATE]

Steam Users Unable to Download DmC: Devil May Cry [UPDATE]

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Users that purchased the PC version of DmC: Devil May Cry anywhere but directly from Steam this week are running into a snag. Specifically, those that purchased the game from Green Man Gaming and other retailers providing unlock codes for the game are unable to download and install the game.

NeoGAF and various other forums are seeing a flood of reports from users who are able to activate their keys and complete a 74MB download, instead of the standard 9GB listed under Steam’s system requirements for the game.

The comically puny size of the download is an immediate red flag. Once the download completes, the game appears in the user’s library looking ready to play just like any other title. Attempting to do so, however, returns an error message claiming the game is missing its executable (duh).

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I personally purchased a copy of DmC from Green Man Gaming — a site that buys and trades download codes for Steam games — and have run into this same issue. A quick search for the issue on Google returns a quite a few similar reports, most of them claiming to have purchased the game from Green Man Gaming. Others state that this is an issue  for anyone activating a code acquired somewhere other than Steam itself, and isn’t limited to Green Man Gaming. As of this initial post, I haven’t been able to confirm that.

It does not appear that this is an issue for users who buy the game directly from the Steam store front. If you’re planning on getting DmC for the PC and absolutely must have it immediately, I’d suggest purchasing it that way.

I’ve reached out to Steam’s support service to see if there’s some sort of workaround to the issue. I’ll be sure to post an update on the situation if word trickles down from on high.

[UPDATE: We have an update from Darren from GMG.]

Capcom confirmed there was an issue on their end

If people follow the steps below, they should be able to start the download of DMC – Devil May Cry (assuming they have already used the keys to activate your game)

1. Boot Steam.
2. Log in.
3. Go to your games library and find ‘DmC Devil May Cry’.
4. Right click on the game and choose ‘Delete Local Content’.
4b. If this option is not available then go to step 6.
5. Click the ‘Delete’ option on the pop-up window.
6. Click on ‘Steam’ (top left of the Steam window).
7. Choose ‘Exit’.
8. Boot Steam.
9. Log in.
10. Double click on ‘DmC Devil May Cry’ to begin your 8Gb Download

This should work ok.