Supergiant Games Reveals Transistor, Playable at PAX East

Supergiant Games Reveals Transistor, Playable at PAX East

Bastion developer Supergiant Games has revealed their next project, a sci-fi, action game, titled Transistor.

The game will be playable later this week at PAX East.

In a blog post, Supergiant Games Creative Director Greg Kasavin said the team expects to release the game in 2014, and has not decided on what platforms yet.

Players control an unnamed female living in a futuristic city who acquires a powerful weapon called the Transistor. The trailer shows her using magic-like abilities from the same third-person/top-down perspective as Bastion to fight off enemies. While the combat bears similarities to Bastion, the video also depicts some sidescrolling sections.

The same team that worked on Bastion including a few new hires will return to work on Transistor. The voice of Rucks in Bastion, Logan Cunningham, has confirmed his vocal role in Transistor via Twitter.

Source: Supergiant Games, Twitter