George RR Martin reveals what the *real* Iron Throne would look like

George RR Martin reveals what the *real* Iron Throne would look like

Game of Thrones Iron Throne HBO
HBO’s version of the Iron Throne © 2011 HBO

Contrary to popular belief, there was actually a series of books long before there was an HBO television show based around Game of Thrones and the Song of Ice and Fire series. When we spoke to creator & author George RR Martin last year, he noted how difficult it was to translate some things from the books to the television show. Though he spoke mostly about some of the series’ more mystical aspects, he probably meant that other products of his imagination would be difficult to recreate as well.

Namely: The Iron Throne.

While the HBO version of the King of Westeros’s seat has become incredibly iconic, Martin knew that it just wasn’t quite right — at least not according to his original vision, anyways.

Martin recently took to his blog to mention how his vision for the seat, as described in the books, was one that was “HUGE, hulking, black and twisted” and that the iron stairs in the description never made it onto film. He describes his throne as a “hunched beast looming over the throne room, ugly and asymmetric” and one meant to purposefully be uncomfortable. The weight of a kingdom shouldn’t be taken lightly, after all.

Joffrey Game of Thrones Season 3
Twisted brat King Joffrey sits on the Iron Throne almost too comfortably © 2011 HBO

Well, Martin’s vision of the Throne may finally be coming into view. As noted on his blog, the latest iteration is by artist Marc Simonetti, whom he’s commissioned to work on the World of Ice and Fire compendium/history book, due later this year (we hope). Simonetti’s version looks wonderful and horrifying, as if it were to topple over at any point and swallow the audience whole in its spires and blades.

Game of Thrones new Iron Throne
The Iron Throne as envisioned by George RR Martin © 2013 Marc Simonetti

The image above by Simonetti shows that evil, twisted look that Martin describes in his books so vividly. It’s massive, and it’s a terror to be near. It’s far, far from the throne that HBO created, and after seeing Simonetti’s version we can understand why that wouldn’t translate well to television audiences. Martin is happy with this version, it seems, noting that “from now on, THIS will be the reference [he gives] to every other artist tackling a throne room scene.”

Peruse through Simonetti’s work at Deviant Art to see more of what he’s come up with for the project.

Source: George RR Martin