Kickstart My Heart: Pixelbionic’s Motorgun brings vehicular combat from a dream team

Kickstart My Heart: Pixelbionic’s Motorgun brings vehicular combat from a dream team

Motorgun on Kickstarter
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The vehicular combat genre has evolved quite a bit over time, even though it tends to remain under the radar below FPSes and RPGs and whatnot. But, classic series like Twisted Metal continue to thrill us with each release, providing some of that joy that can only be found while blowing up other people’s cars. With rocket launchers.

Entering the fray through Kickstarter is Motorgun, the new game from Pixelbionic that brings along with it elements of some of our favorite modern games as well. RPG elements? Check. Class systems? Double Check. Apocalypsesesesseeeesi? Triple Check.

Motorgun‘s premise is of a futuristic post-apocalypse (think: well beyond Mad Max) in which car combat has become life. There are three factions from which the players choose a character/car, each with three classes. Modify, upgrade and battle with the car or truck or tank, scrapped together from the parts and pieces of heaps of yore, against thousands of other players. The company has just announced a short single-player campaign as well, to help players get accustomed to the game.

Pixelbionic has pulled together a veritable Who’s Who of vehicle combat games to lead its development. David Jaffe (Twisted Metal), Zack Norman (Interstate 76), and even renowned vehicle designer Dwayne Vance are contributing to the game, which just launched its Kickstarter campaign this week. Seeking $650k in funding, Pixelbionic offers a plethora of tiers for those interested, ranging from digital downloads to physical art books.

Check it out over on Kickstarter. Funding remains open until Friday, August 16th.