#ScreenshotSaturday for September 26, 2015

#ScreenshotSaturday for September 26, 2015

Happy Sunday! With the weekend coming to a close to a SUPER BLOOD MOON later tonight, we’re on tap to celebrate some of the best Indie fun from the weekend. This morning we’ll take a look at yesterday’s #ScreenshotSaturday tag to find some of our favorite images that developers are busting out. Last week was a joy, so we’re sure you’ll have good viewing this week as well.

As usual, full credit to all of the creators each week who share their work.

You can’t not love cats, especially the ones that can fly through candy worlds.

I don’t know enough about Expand yet, but this striking 3-color contrast visual style totally has me intrigued.

I’m getting a neat “Limbo” visual feel from Makibot Evolve.

PAVILION news is dropping next week, and if it looks as good as these images then ooooooh baby!

Slain, from Wolfbrew Games, has a cool Castlevania feel to it

Terminal Spark looks like it features some neat gravity-based (and physics-based) gameplay

Atmocopter’s robot helicopter protagonist looks like a fun little guy

Sean Noonan is working on Star Citizen in his full time, but as a part time sidequest he has Jack B Nimble on his tube.

The different ways to develop procedural level/world design is always good to see, and great to learn from. Check out these two approaches by Indie devs:

I love the retro arcade feel of Taylor Adamson’s project

A clicker game about weapons manufacturing, you say? Hmmm…. You know my weakness.