#ScreenshotSaturday for October 3, 2015

#ScreenshotSaturday for October 3, 2015

A LOT of fun stuff this week for #ScreenshotSaturday, as devs are plowing away into the quickly chilling Fall season with coffee (hopefully not Pumpkin Spice anything) and Cider Mill Donuts at their sides. Follow along as we take a look at some of the really interesting ones, or hop on Twitter and peep for yourself. Joy!

As usual, full credit to all of the creators each week who share their work.

Our header image is from Deathrash (from Stephan Hövelbrinks), which sounds as cool as the pixel art shows us. It reminds me visually of Space Quest, but bloodier!

Riv Hester brings us another space-infused indie game, with Reliquary. He’s been playing with getting a charge attack to work, which looks pretty neat here.

The #ROMGameJam brought some nice art styles, as finite bear fractal shows off in their GIF

Indie devs don’t just stick to pixel art as their preferred style. This 3D work by Matt at FMJ Games shows the power of modern affordable game dev tools.

Whoa, the multiple layers of scrolling (and great art style) in Jetpack Squad looks great!

I don’t know what Fugl is supposed to be, but a voxel bird flying throw canyons? Yes, please!

I love love LOVE this prototype art for a sci fi hex strategy game!

The Martian is a wonderful film, and I’m all about space travel at the moment, so color me SO INTERESTED in Astroneer!

The classic RPG/Earthbound look of Faraway hits all the right chords in my retro heart

Aviary Attorney is an actual thing, and a thing that looks so quirky it may have climbed to the top of my WTF OKAY LET’S DO THIS pile.