#ScreenShotSaturday for April 9, 2016

#ScreenShotSaturday for April 9, 2016

PAX East is right around the corner. Un-Springlike snow is falling. Hockey and Basketball are in playoff mode. E3 rumors are starting. And I’m trying to wrap my head around scheduling everything for the next 3 months. It’s going to be HECTIC.

Thankfully, we can take some time out at have a peep at some of the neat games that are gracing us for this week’s #ScreenShotSaturday. There are a few more folks working on their LowRez Game Jam submissions, some projects in Alpha, and a few nearing completion.

Hunker down, here we go!

Zarya and the Cursed Skull seems to borrow some thematic elements from Indiana Jones (exploration, adventure), and the latest images seem to show a bit more of the narrative.

Here’s one of the neat projects for the LowRezJam, by Kishimoto Studios.

Andres is an artist & designer working on an indie game. His screencap this week show some of the adjustments he’s making to his designs.


Sean Kiley is working on the latest animations for Katana Zero, and this one in particular looks nice and lively!

Another LowRezJam project, this one by pizzlemank has a nice use of a fisheye camera lens effect.

Ooooh! Luis Cabrera has posted some niiiiice images from Life in Sector 13, a space shmup with a wonderfully chaotic feel.

It’s a duck knocking over a watermelon. And I love it.

A VERY cool FPS art style by TrippyDev. Here’s a GIF for the project.

And more from Manifold Garden. I can’t get enough of these visuals.

Totem Teller is another game with a really interesting art style that I’ve been keeping an eye on.

And finally, you had me at “2D Stalker”.