#ScreenShotSaturday for May 14, 2016

#ScreenShotSaturday for May 14, 2016

It’s been about a month, and we’ve gone to a few shows since then, but our roundup of #ScreenshotSaturday is here! A lot of great games this week, as we span retro-inspired racers to space exploration and monsters. Let’s dive right in and let our eyeballs melt!

I don’t know when Drift Stage from Super Systems Softworks is ever supposed to fully launch, apart from betas and alphas and testing, but it still looks so, so dope as a concept! That classic late-Eighties visual style mixed with modern graphic flavorings and wild drifting gameplay? Yes. A million times, yes.

Joshua Richardson has been working on his project, Cherry in the Sky, for three years now, and it’s finally nearing completion. The platformer’s aesthetic is colorful and poppy, and the designer recently posted a nice written piece about one of his influences and favorite games, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. Have a read over at his blog.

The Outbreak Story, the new project from Bas Makes Games, has a sort of 2D action Earthbound vibe to it. The developer has been posting regularly, and recently uploaded a dev diary to chat about the development process. The game has big, bold sprites, which is always a positive — especially looking snazzy on new monitors.

Another action-y project, Vile’s Accelidor seems to have players put their hands on a low poly 2D warrior. Following Vile’s development work has been interesting, as they’re stuck using one gamepad to control all three characters at once. Resourceful!

If you name your project “My Little Sister Can’t Possibly be This Cute (Also She’s a Dinosaur)” then expect y ears to perk up. That’s the name that James Margaris is using for his new game, and from the looks of the dev work the “little sister” is definitely a cute dinosaur.

Hey, another name that grabs my attention but in an opposite way. 3AM Dead Time by Irreverent Software let’s me know exactly what the game is about, and the animated screenshot below nails it: it’s dark, it’s late, and I’m going to be terrified.

Massive Madness is a retro-inspired isometric twin stick shooter by Ninja Garage. The developer is working on a new trailer for their game; I’m in love with the posterized cut-out style of the first shots of it.

Stardust Command is being developed by Chinese developer Astro Koala, who are looking to break out of the free-to-play heavy market that makes up the country’s gaming industry. Admittedly I had never heard of the game or company until the last week when they began appearing in the #ScreenshotSaturday tag, but perhaps that’s the magic of Twitter: now, they have an outlet and eyeballs. Especially on those extremely cool ship designs. Keep an eye on this team.