Art Tutorial: How to draw Link and Zelda

Art Tutorial: How to draw Link and Zelda

As fans of both the Legend of Zelda series and creativity, we at Team SideQuesting always welcome whenever the two come together. Many a long meeting was spent by yours truly doodling images of Link battling away against octoroks on corporate notepads, usually with some unintentional hideous deformity thanks to jittery sketch hands.

Well, with the upcoming Breath of the Wild arriving in LESS THAN A MONTH, we’ve decided to gather up some of our favorite recent Zelda-inspired sketch tutorial videos to gawk at and learn from.

Grab those pencils (or drawing tablets) and enjoy!

Breath of the Wild speedpaint by gwendybee

“Serenade of Water” by Kerianseray

Drawing Link: Zelda Twilight Princess by MoneSmash

Link from Breath of the Wild by Kiss My Art

How to draw Link on a PostIt note by DoodleDyl

Windwaker Link from Super Smash Bros 3DS Acrylic Speed Paint by BentoBoxArt

Zelda speedpaint by AngelDranger

Speed Drawing of Link by Jesús Lga

And and incredible speed painting of Ganondorf by JisuArt