Announcement: Indie Whatever

Announcement: Indie Whatever

[Editor’s note: We have a new thing! Zach will soon be kicking off Indie Whatever, his new series on independent game development, so we welcome you check it out!]

I’ve always been the type of person that loves knowing how things were made and how they work; in every interest I have it’s something that I always seek out. When I play a game I want to know who wrote it, who voices each character, who had the idea for that certain section, who decided on this design choice, etc. I just love knowing about the inner workings of creative projects. Obviously my biggest passions in life are writing and video games.

This new editorial series is something super ambitious. I want to use Indie Whatever to feature independent creators and their games, their art, programming, level design, writing, etc. Everything that has to do with the making of a game can be a highlight. It’s very wide open to give me the ability to do whatever I want.

With this series I plan to have a podcast or editorial depending on the person or game I want to cover.

There might be a week where it’s just me talking over a game and the cool things about it, or I might be interviewing some its creators Who knows! I want to keep this series flexible and also be able to talk about pieces of art, games and people that I think are cool/underrated.

I am aiming to do this series twice a month. It’ll be a constantly growing and changing experience and I hope all of you will join me and support this unique vision I have for games media.

If you’re interested in any of this please follow me on Twitter… my DM’s are open!

And, my email is if you prefer to talk over email as well.

I’m aiming to have a piece up on June 7th, so get ready!