Nintendo World Championships 2017 announced

Nintendo World Championships 2017 announced

In a surprise twist of fate, Nintendo has announced that the Nintendo World Championships are making a comeback!

Like, this weekend!

Alright, so we’re a few days late in posting this. NO WORRIES! There’s still time to get revved up. Revealed on its YouTube page and press release, Nintendo is bringing the NWC 2017 to the masses starting this weekend with local tournaments. After a tour of major cities, the winners in two age groups (12 & under and 13 & over) will win a trip to New York for the finals in October.

In the preliminaries, players will compete in specific stages on Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS. Yes, the nearly 6 year old game is the basis for the qualifiers. A strange selection indeed. Attendees at the Best Buy hosted events will also get the chance to try out upcoming Switch and 3DS games, like Super Mario Odyssey.

The finals in October will have a more full variety of games, but those haven’t been revealed yet.

The preliminary dates & locations are:

August 19 & 20: New York & San Francisco

August 26 & 27: Chicago & LA

September 2 & 3: Minneapolis & Dallas

September 9 & 10: Seattle & Miami

For more info & registration, Nintendo’s site has you covered.