#ScreenShotSaturday for August 19, 2017

#ScreenShotSaturday for August 19, 2017

Happy Gamescom Eve!

With Summer coming to a close (we still technically have a month), we thought it would be fitting to take a look at some of the nifty gamedev work being pumped out this week. Happy #ScreenShotSaturday!

Haque looks like a nice visual throwback to the NES era, but with a modern tactical RPG backbone and roguelike elements.

Akinaba Games is creating a graphic design-based visual novel, Design Hero. Hopefully the game lives up to its visual style.

Who knew library books could look so cool? Studio Oleomingus‏ does, thanks to Unity!

DDD: The Natural Playboys looks like a bonkers, HIGHLY MATURE themed game, but the art style has me intrigued.

Nik Mueller shows us his animation workflow for his upcoming project, The Iron Oath. From “skeleton” to final character, planning movement requires layers of precision.

I’m really digging the hand drawn look of Striped Swipers, a sort of point and click heist adventure game.


The pixels and voxels in Spoxel look delight…exful.

Potionomics, about a witch in debt who needs to make money selling potions, looks like a neat concept for game.

Crafting in pixels (in Lunoland) brings modern ideas into retro visuals.