Newest Humble Bundle gives us RPG Maker magic

Newest Humble Bundle gives us RPG Maker magic

The Humble Bundle folk sure know how to get us excited about making games on the cheap.

Their latest software bundle, The Humble RPG Maker Bundle, packages together 4 different versions of the RPG Maker software starting at just $1. The apps include RPG Maker XV Ace, XV, 2000 and MV, as well as content creation packs and even games created with the software, for PC, Mac and Linux alike.

RPG Maker has been one of the easiest game creation tools to learn — I myself had managed to spend countless months in the 90s making my own adventures — and the latest versions even output to a variety of platforms like iOS.

There are about 2 weeks to go for the deal, with portions of the proceeds going towards the Action Against Hunger charity. The purchases also add towards a prize pool for an indie game making contest, with prizes up to $10,000.

Source: Humble Bundle