Happy Holidays from the Video Game Industry

Happy Holidays from the Video Game Industry

We love the holidays. It’s a great time to get together with family, drink some nog, and get into the spirit of togetherness. Also, it’s when we get Christmas cards and try to find places to put them in our home.

While there seems to be a general decline in Christmas Spirit over the years, a few digital cards still make their way over to us. We’ve decided to highlight some of those in this post. So, grab your cookies and milk, put down the (favorite console) controller and take a look at the gallery below.

UDON Entertainment:

Team 17:

NIS America:

Free League Publishing:

G5 Games:

Reverb Communications:

THQ Nordic:


Natsume Games:


World of Tanks:



Jackbox Games:

Psyonix Games:

PlayStation Blog:

Aksys Games:

Thunder Lotus Games: