Destiny 2’s next expansion is Warmind

Destiny 2’s next expansion is Warmind

It’s been months since the Bungie release of Destiny 2 and to say the game is struggling is a understatement. The game’s first DLC, Curse of Osiris, has been received with very little fanfare, and a lot of content creators are currently struggling to find anything new to create for this game. Games like Fortnite and PUBG have the mindshare right now. Bungie needed something to keep the current players happy, and to try to bring back those who stopped playing.

During their most recent stream they may have just done that, announcing their second DLC, Warmind.

Check out the announcement cinematic below, featuring Ana Bray.

In the expansion, players will be returning to Mars, but this time heading to the frozen ice caps instead of the dusty deserts. But what is a Warmind? To put it simply it is a very powerful A.I. designed for strategic warfare in the Destiny lore. And one has awakened and is now challenging you.

To fully understand what a Warmind is, and you have about 17 minutes to kill, you can watch this video from My name is Byf.

Updates to PvP are also included, as well as Escalation Protocol, a new public event. Since Curse of Osiris, my own playtime has been very limited due to the lack of interest in the game. The current DLC offered so little replayable content that it was painful to hang out in Destinyville sometimes. I am hoping with all of the latest patches and upcoming DLC that it will make Destiny 2 fun again and bring back players that they lost. The expansion launches May 8th on PS4, PC, and XB1.