EA Access finally comes to PS4 in July

EA Access finally comes to PS4 in July

Time to play all your favorite Madden games again

One time, many years ago, Microsoft and EA were fantastic buddies. In fact, they were so close, that the majority of marketing dollars for EA games went towards their Xbox versions. It was hard to see a Madden or FIFA advert without the Microsoft console’s logo somewhere on the same screen.

The two companies worked even closer when they revealed EA Access, a special subscription service that brought EA games (initially sports titles) a few days early to the Xbox One, as well as other members-only benefits. It was a success, leading to a spin-off on the PC in Origin Access.

According to the posts on the Clever Shop List, it’s coming to the PS4 — next month! EA has revealed the launch date for EA Access on Sony’s console for July 24, 2019, bringing 10% discounts, early access and a library of ready-to-play games includes.

Source: EA