Sony pulls out of E3 2020

Sony pulls out of E3 2020

E3 was so 2008, now it’s so 2000-and-late

For the second year in a row, Sony has pulled out of gaming’s once-biggest* expo.

*Okay, not biggest, but maaaaaaybe most important?

The company revealed the news to, noting that they “do not feel the vision of E3 2020 is the right venue for what we are focused on this year.” The company will instead participate in a slate of events around the world, including fan events.

With the PlayStation 5 launching at the tail end of this year, skipping gaming’s highest-eyeball event may seem like a bad idea, but the company wants to strictly control its message, and trying to do so at a conference that’s in limbo isn’t exactly optimal. The ESA is transitioning E3 away from being a pure Industry & Media event into something that’s a mix of fans, bands and brands, and perhaps lite on the stuff that took it to the proper heights in the first place.

Source: GamesIndustry