Here’s the first gameplay for Outriders

Here’s the first gameplay for Outriders

Duck and cover and level up

Earlier this week, we saw a new trailer for Square Enix & People Can Fly’s upcoming shooter RPG Outriders. Now, we have some gameplay and previews hitting as well.

Up first: The game’s story, shown above. Essentially, Earth isn’t in good shape and humans are sending Outriders to a new planet, Enoch, to make sure it’s good to go for habitation. They bump into an anomaly that sends them into sleep for 30 years, out of which they emerge with enhanced powers and abilities. Cool. That also means that everyone else has evolved, so it’s one big fight for survival after another now.

As noted above, the game is a cover-based third person shooter, much in the DNA of PCF’s previous forays. Players can select classes, so there’s a bit more depth to how to play the game than a traditional shooter.

And, it wouldn’t be an RPG-lite experience with some customization. There are skill trees and upgrades available, but it’s not necessarily like Mass Effect. Think: Destiny meets Bulletstorm, or peanut butter meeting chocolate.

Outriders is due this Holiday for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, XBox SEX, and Steam.