Pokémon Twilight Wings: Episode 4 dives in

Pokémon Twilight Wings: Episode 4 dives in

Water types take center stage

Nessa, Pokémon Sword & Shield‘s Water-Type gym leader, is the focus of the latest episode of Twilight Wings. The YouTube-exclusive anime has been dropping a new video each month, detailing stories of the game’s characters and critters to provide interesting background information.

This episode, titled “Early-Evening Waves,” follows Nessa as she struggles with balancing her life as a gym leader and as a model, something that we can all relate to. The 6-minute clip has the smooth animation and great soundtrack of the series, and highlights some of the cuter undersea Pokémon that we run across in the games.

The first four episodes are up on the Pokémon YouTube page now.

Here are links to the available episodes:

Source: YouTube