Pac-Man Live Studio coming to Twitch in June

Pac-Man Live Studio coming to Twitch in June

What’s old is old again, but also new

Retro games are back in style. We recently got the magic of Tetris 99, the bizarreness of Pong Quest, and now it’s Pac-Man’s turn at the wheel. Amazon Games have announced Pac-Man Live Studio, a Twitch-based version of the classic game that focuses on multiplayer and creativity.

With Pac’s 40th anniversary here, Pac-Man Live Studio lets players chase high scores and play together. Or, if they’re feeling creative, they can make new mazes and share them with the Twitch community.

In the game’s Endless Mode, players and teammates play as long as they can in a never ending series of mazes. If one person is able to complete the maze, then the entire team carries over to the next one.

Finally, Classic Mode is the original gangster version of the game for those that feel nostalgic.

This is the first big update to the Pac-Man formula since Championship Edition launched on the Xbox 360 so many years ago. Pac-Man Live Studio arrives on its Twitch channel in June.