The Escapist announces Indie Showcase

The Escapist announces Indie Showcase

Hitting all the tubes on June 11

Find this an all the Summer 2020 gaming events on our BIG LIST!

It feels like this Summer is getting a little… packed. Maybe it’s just us, but our calendars are filling up with daily events that we’re meant to check out, livestreams and digital showcases that we should be ready for. We love games, and any announcements of new games and updates is totally fantastic, though we kind of wish it was during the usual E3 week instead of spread out all over the place.

I mean, I have gardening and vacations to plan around, ya know?

Anyhoo, The Escapist online magazine has announced their own showcase in collaboration with GOG, taking place on June 11 from 12-2PM EST. It certainly seems like there will be a lot of great games featured, and the team is hosting daily updates and extended looks at the games from the 12th-14th.

Head on over to the site and plug that into your calendar now.