QuakeCon goes online in August

QuakeCon goes online in August

Expect some surprises

Bethesda & id Software’s QuakeCon will be going virtual this year. The companies revealed the news via Twitter this week, and noted that more info would be coming later.

In the past, QuakeCon has been a spot for some small reveals here and there, though the focus was more on direct chats from the Dev teams and community efforts. This year, without an E3 to showcase products, there may very well be more included in this online expo. Nintendo fans especially are awaiting info on DOOM Eternal’s launch on the platform, Fallout 76 is receiving a resurgence, and the gaming world in general wonders about whatever is happening with Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI.

The event will take place online from August 7-9 at Quakecon.org

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