Square Enix reveals Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory

Square Enix reveals Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory

Rhythm and beats

Final Fantasy: Theatrhythm was one of the best hidden gems of the 3DS era. Spawning two sequels (one of which was a Dragon Quest themed version) the game had players taking on enemies in rhythm-based battles. Based on accuracy of swipes and timing of hits, teams of Final Fantasy characters would be able to defeat their enemies and continue their quest. But sadly, the series stalled out after 2015 and never saw a sequel.. Until now.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory isn’t a direct sequel to Theatrhythm, but the essence and core is still there: players unlock and select characters from the Kingdom Hearts universe and take them on a loose quest of linked battles, all developed around specific rhythm game mechanics. While the 3DS games were developed as side-scrollers to take advantage of the touch screen, Melody is designed in full 3D, so that players are required to rotate, zip, jump and move around the paths.

Like all spin-offs and side-iterations, there looks to be a narrative tying this to the main Kingdom Hearts series.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is due this year for Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.