Hot Wheels designers show off new cars at SDCC @ Home

Hot Wheels designers show off new cars at SDCC @ Home

Feature movies and games like Mario Kart and Overwatch

With Hot Wheels intersecting pop culture at every turn over the last few decades, it’s natural that video games would make their way across into designs. We’ve already had the likes of Mario, Minecraft and Halo themed vehicles, and now we’re about to gain a few more. The designers at Mattel who head up the Hot Wheels vehicle lines took to the virtual stage at SDCC @Home this weekend to show off the latest concepts they have coming.

The panel, featuring Bryan Benedict (senior manager, vehicles product design), Chris Colangelo (manager, vehicles product design), and Sam Kok (key lead designer, vehicles packaging) and moderated by Molly Hampton (global marketing manager), explored new Overwatch cars created for characters like Genji, D.Va and Soldier 76, Rugrats, and even The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda. More Mario Kart cars are on the way for Fall 2020 & Summer 2021, including Cat Peach and Diddy Kong, as well as karts with gliders attached, like Toad in the P-Wing and Yoshi in the Sports Coupe.

Watch the clip for all of the designs, and look forward to the cars over the next year.

Disclosure: Bryan Benedict, featured in the clip, once worked at the company that SQ Editor Dali currently works at prior to him joining.