Ubisoft officially reveals Hyper Scape

Ubisoft officially reveals Hyper Scape

Already working with Twitch streamers to promote

Ubisoft’s Hyper Scape, which was teased the other day with a website leak, is now official. Though it’s an increasingly crowded field, the future-themed battle royale game looks to set itself apart from others in the genre in a few specific and interesting ways.

Firstly, yes. There are 100-player rumbles in an increasingly shrinking map. And yes, there are teams — in this case, groups of three. Being the last player or team surviving is the ultimate goal. But the secondary meta is perhaps what makes the experience alluring. Once a player is knocked out, they remain in the battlefield as a sort of ghost, pinging locations of items to their teammates. Teammates can also resuscitate each other by taking out enemies, creating respawn beacons.

An alternate way to win is also available to players, should they not be all that great at shooting through a hectic field. Towards the end of the match, a crown will appear somewhere in the arena, and capturing it for 45 seconds provides an auto-win. Learn to escape, and victory is yours.

The vertical nature of the city that players drop into, Neo-Arcadia, means that they can move up and down several levels of play, with options to attack and group-up in newer ways. Weapon merging, play field hacks, and ability slots round out some of the other features.

Ubisoft is working with Twitch to incorporate code drops, much like with Riot’s Valorant release earlier this year. The game is up and running now if you want to give it a whirl on PC. It’ll hit PS4/XBox One at a later date.

Source: Ubisoft