Summer event updates: Sonic’s anniversary, IGN, and more

Summer event updates: Sonic’s anniversary, IGN, and more

I need coffee.

It really feels like E3 is here now, not just “coming up.” Last week began a slow trickle, but this week is bringing a ton of news and reveals and mini-events. From anniversaries to updates to more, we’re knee deep in the gaming news right now, and it won’t be lightening up until the end of August.

Sonic’s anniversary is FAST approaching (get it? PUN!) and SEGA are coordinating a surprise event to celebrate. Tomorrow, May 27, the company will host a livestream showcasing new projects, details, and more. It kicks off at 9AM PT/12PM ET.

Last year gaming site IGN held their own Summer of games, and they’re bringing it back again this year. IGN Expo returns on June 11, and will focus on all new reveals and info, and bounce off of a partnership with Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest Kickoff event on the 10th. The IGN Expo will take place at 1PM PT/4PM ET on Friday, June 11.

Netflix is even getting into the mood, announcing a week of reveals and news around their game- and geek-related shows and films. Expect Witcher 2, Cuphead, Resident Evil and more to be a focal point. It may just be a week of news instead of one showcase, but we’ve been plugged into the Netflix Matrix consistently for the past year so we’ll make do.

Fans have been hoping for more news about Sony’s Horizon: Forbidden West and now they have something to look forward to. The platform holder has revealed that a 20-minute State of Play with focus on the gameplay will be arriving on May 27 at 2PM PT/5PM ET, with a special countdown starting at 9AM PT.

Dying Light 2 news is coming May 27 as well (what a busy day) and Techland is hoping to finally give its long-awaited game some real excitement levels. The first game is essentially beloved, so the sequel has been on a lot of fans’ minds. The stream takes place on May 27 at 12PM PT/3PM ET/9PM CEST