The Anacrusis brings co-op alien busting this year

The Anacrusis brings co-op alien busting this year


Co-operative shooters are coming back into style right now, but while some offerings deal with war or zombies, Stray Bombay’s Anacrusis deals with hordes of aliens. Set on an abandoned space freighter, the game puts 4 survivors up against a massive horde of extraterrestrials. A fresh playthrough means that weapons and enemy locations are revamped each time, but the tension that comes from the process is meant to be consistent.

What Stray Bombay is trying to do with the game, however, is focus on the AI to adjust that experience. Nicknamed the “AI Driver” the shifting and adjusting of the game will make it feel like a dungeon master is behind it all, making sure that the difficulty is equal for all players and that they follow through with whatever point in the narrative they’re at instead of potentially being exposed to events that take place later than they’ve made it to.

Changing perks, and an openness to mods, will provide a way for the game to hopefully stay relevant as long as possible.

Anacrusis arrives on Xbox, Game Pass, Windows 10, and Steam in Fall. More info can be found on its Steam page.