[Saturday Morning Cartoons] Two new Poketoons released

[Saturday Morning Cartoons] Two new Poketoons released

The newest charming Pokemon shorts are here to warm up our weekends

The Poketoon shorts are pretty fantastic. Last year saw an almost classic 1940s styled episode, and though it took a while we now have a couple of more to feast our eyes on. While not nearly as inventive visually, they certainly both have heart.

The video above features a girl who grows up wanting to be a Pokemon Champion. Eventually she runs off and scouts the nearby forest until she finds a potential ‘mon to be her battler. The themes behind the clip center on family and going out on our own, so prepare to get a smile on your face, especially at the end.

The second video focuses on a Pancham who wants to be a hero, but may harbor some darkness inside. It’s Pokemon, so it’s definitely not “dark,” but Panchams aren’t the friendliest of beasts. This one’s a little more… violent.

Watch both clips above, or watch all of the videos in our look at gaming’s obsession with cartoons.