Mass Effect TV series near development

Mass Effect TV series near development

New show may be coming to production at Amazon

Fans of space IPs rejoice: Mass Effect may be coming to the small screen (outside of games, that is). Deadline is reporting that Amazon Prime, the home of TV’s best space-based series, The Expanse, is aiming to follow it up with a show set in BioWare’s universe. While it hasn’t gone into production just yet, Amazon is angling to cross some t’s and dot some i’s in hopes to go forward with the project.

Genre fiction has become a staple of streaming services, and sci-fi viewing has often been at the center. Shows like The Expanse, Wheel of Time, and The Boys have been massive for the service, and mirror what other platforms are seeing as well. Geek fandom has taken over, finally, and we have to thank our collectively awkward 90s as we worked to watch X-Men cartoons in peace.

Mass Effect just had their Legendary Edition remaster launch earlier this year, and a new game is deep in the works at BioWare, so the hype for the series is definitely building. I’m Commander Shepard, and Amazon Prime is my favorite streaming service on the Citadel.

Source: Deadline