Community Spotlight: SuperDuperJeff

Community Spotlight: SuperDuperJeff

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We’re real lucky over here at SideQuesting. We’ve been around for something like 13 years? Whoa! And in that time we’ve met some amazing people and formed some amazing friendships. Our Discord community is small, but it’s also very tight, which means we’re always chatting and supporting each other.

And so, we figured “Hey, let’s expand that support outside of the Discord and onto the main part of the website!” Every couple of weeks or so, we’ll share some of the work and streams of our community and hopefully help them grow as much as they’ve helped us. They’re all just swell people!

Up first is SuperDuperJeff, who has been streaming for the past year and HEY LOOK AT THAT, it’s their one year anniversary today! Jeff has been working hard at growing his following, and streaming regularly. I’ve personally been catching the Elden Ring streams, in hopes to pick up tips on my own adventures. Jeff’s streams are casual, and interactive (there’s always some good banter with the viewers). Jeff keeps the info on his page up to date (I should take a queue for that, in my case) and has some truly fun visual designs.

Anyhoo! Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Jeff! You can find him on Twitch, Twitter, in his Discord channel. And as always, hop on over to SideQuesting’s own Discord to meek more cool folks!