Review: Biomotor Unitron

Review: Biomotor Unitron

The newest classic NEOGEO Pocket Color release to come to Nintendo’s Switch reflects a time when portable 8-bit RPGs were at their peak.

It’s 1999 again! Mixing robots with monster capture gameplay seems like a slam dunk, but J.J. explains why the game’s loop lacks the depth necessary to go motor on.

The robots are interesting, but the animations are basic and we seemingly visit the same tower over and over (and over!) again. That, coupled with an elementary battle system and quick gameplay session (a plane ride might be enough to clear it), leaves us wondering if the idea should have been taken further.

Biomotor Unitron is a remnant of a bygone era, and perhaps serves only those wishing to own every bit of the past.

This review is based on an eShop code sent to SideQuesting by the publisher.