Sonic Frontiers debuts Xenoblade gameplay trailer

Sonic Frontiers debuts Xenoblade gameplay trailer

It’s a mix of a lot of things

SEGA saw what Nintendo did (Nintendid?) and realized that it, too, needed to provide a Breath of the WIld moment to one of its premiere franchises. And so, for some reason, we have a new Sonic the Hedgehog game in 3D.

Weirdly enough, Sonic Frontiers takes the blue movie star and seemingly drops him into the world of Xenoblade Chronicles, letting him run around and do stuff at his leisure. The environment looks sparse enough to make Pokemon Legends: Arceus seem over-populated, and the piano music is intended to allow dinner rolls to go down easier during wedding receptions. It’s a strange combo of stuff, and we’re not sure how it actually fits as a Sonic game yet.

We’ve been hurt in the past — over and over and over again with the franchise — to not even be cautiously optimistic any more. It’s Sonic in another thing. In 3D.

Sonic Frontiers is arriving for all major platforms this holiday season.