E3 2023 will be handled by PAX & NYCC’s ReedPop, reiterates in-person return

E3 2023 will be handled by PAX & NYCC’s ReedPop, reiterates in-person return

Expert expo planners take over gaming’s Big Show

The ESA announced back in June that E3 2023 would indeed be held in person, and now it has more solid stance on what that entails.

The last physical E3 was held in 2019 in LA, with a digital version in 2021. It was cancelled this year after originally announcing that it would be in-person. The future was up in the air, until last month or so when the ESA made the original announcement. The addition of ReedPop to handle the show is a seen as a blessing — we’ve loved every PAX they’ve handled, and the organization of NYCC and Star Wars Celebration have been received well. ReedPop is bringing in revered industry veterans like Guy Blomberg and Chris Dring, among many others, to help plan the event.

The show will utilize digital showcases and an in-person component, with aspects for both industry and consumer. What that means hasn’t been revealed, but they are already promising registrations to begin later in 2022.

E3 2023 wouldn’t be announced if the ESA didn’t already have the approval from many of its members to go forward with the show, which could be considered a stronger round of support than in years past.

More info will be announced over the coming months and year in the lead-up to the event.

It should be interesting to see how this works around Geoff Keighley and his Summer Game Fest, which is also announced for return in 2023 (though without a date). Keighley’s show was essentially a digital press conference with several game reveals, which this year added a small on-site component for hands on with many games that were featured.