New Tales from the Borderlands looks like more of the (welcomed) same

New Tales from the Borderlands looks like more of the (welcomed) same

Brand New and Improved gameplay

Just a couple of weeks ago, New Tales From the Borderlands was leaked and revealed, albeit having been announced many moons ago without concrete details. Now, those details are more and more clear, as Gearbox and members of the Telltale team that developed the original game have shown off some good-looking gameplay and character trailers at PAX West.

The nearly 18 minutes of video, highlighted above, features the gameplay that fans of the original (and Telltale’s previous games) may be looking forward to. The Borderlands take on modern narrative adventure games features a lot of reading, some lite action, and definite QTEs that will impact the story and send it into different directions, often leading to different endings for players to uncover.

Alongside the gameplay, the dev team is showcasing a trailer showing 3 of the important characters that players will interact with. Anuradha Dahr, Octavio Wallace Dahr, and Fran Miscowicz are described as “Three Lovable Losers” whose fates will lie with every decision that players make.

New Tales From the Borderlands is coming to Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Epic Games Store on October 21st.