PAX West Hands-on Preview: Shovel Knight Dig

PAX West Hands-on Preview: Shovel Knight Dig

Shovel Knight continues to evolve, and J.J. goes hands-on with the newest game at PAX West.

Shovel Knight Dig taps into every nostalgia itch. Where the original is Duck Tales, this game mashes it with Mr Driller and Dig Dug. It’s not only about digging down, but also avoiding traps and finding treasure.

In fact, it’s often doing several things at once: go downward, find treasure, avoid traps, escape from enemies that are working to hunt you. The verticality makes Shovel Knight Dig extremely fresh compared to its origins, while still adhering to the nature of the spade-holstering hero. It controls exactly how we’d want it to, as well, focusing on jumping downward attacks, vertical digs, and very tight platforming reminiscent of a 16-bit expertise.

It feels like Shovel Knight, but they spun it on its head — and we can’t help but want to go deeper.

Shovel Knight Dig hits platforms on September 23rd.

This hands-on took place at PAX West 2022. Images and video courtesy Yacht Club Games.