Saturday Morning Cartoons: The Last of Us episode 1

Saturday Morning Cartoons: The Last of Us episode 1

HBO’s hit show renewed for another season, too

Another day, another Last of Us story. We know, we know — you’ve heard about this show! It’s pretty great, and it’s doing stellar numbers at HBO over only two weeks. In fact, it’s doing SUCH GREAT numbers that HBO has already renewed it for a second season.

To celebrate, the company has posted the first episode of the series to watch for free via HBO Max (in the US). That first ep lit a great, emotional fire under everyone who knows about the game and those who don’t, with excellent casting and acting and set pieces. While the first season is set to follow the events of the first game fairly accurately, we don’t know what the second season will hold. Part II of the game? A deviation from the games? Or will the second season fill in some space between Parts I & II? Who knows.

We do know that you can check out the first episode at the link here:

The Last Of Us Episode One on HBO Max

Enjoy, and be skurd!

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