Metroid Prime Remastered announced & released for Nintendo Switch

Metroid Prime Remastered announced & released for Nintendo Switch

For real this time!

During its Direct today, Nintendo revealed the often rumored/teased Metroid Prime HD remaster, known as METROID PRIME REMASTERED.

The classic FPS adventure game from the Game Cube arrives as the spruced up version of the Nintendo Wii edition, featuring new textures, visual effects, remastered audio, and more. It will feature the Wii’s pointer controls as well as modern (dual stick) control schemes.

The best part is that the company shadow-dropped the game, making it available TODAY on eShop. For those interested in a physical version, they can wait until February 22nd when it hits retail.

Just don’t ask about Metroid Prime 4 or they’ll hurt you.

Here are the details from Nintendo:

Revamped visuals and sound

See—and hear—the classic first-person adventure in a new way with high-definition visuals and modernized, nostalgic audio.

New (and classic) controls

Experience Tallon IV with modern dual-analog controls for the first time, as well as nostalgic setups inspired by the original Metroid Prime game for the Nintendo GameCube™ system and the Metroid Prime: Trilogy games for the Nintendo Wii™ system.

Multiple difficulty options

The Casual difficulty reduces the amount of damage Samus takes in combat, helping you worry less about fighting to focus on exploring.

Bonus content

Unlock art created during the development of the original game as well as this remaster, a Soundtrack Gallery, and a 3D Character Gallery.