Telltale’s Expanse game drops a gorgeous gameplay trailer

Telltale’s Expanse game drops a gorgeous gameplay trailer

We finally know what the game will look and play like

As a huge (YUGE!) fan of The Expanse, I always wondered what a game based on the TV series based on the books would be like, so when Telltale Games surprised us with an announcement of a game over a year ago I was nearly ecstatic.

However, I didn’t know what the game would actually *be* like. Sure, Telltale has a pedigree of amazing adventure games, but NEW Telltale doesn’t have too many projects released to show us how their prowess has changed or improved over the years. Thankfully, during this week’s IGN Fanfest, we finally got a glimpse at the game’s gameplay.

The game will bring a lot more 3d world exploration than past games that Telltale has produced, with players taking on the role of fan favorite Belter, Camina Drummer, as she navigates her ship and tries to wrestle a mutiny before all hell breaks loose. Surprise: it’ll break loose anyways. The Expanse didn’t just focus on people in space, but also a strange mutagenic alien molecule that could turn humans into monsters and create general chaos. It’s not the most uncommon idea, but the way that The Expanse presents it on TV and in the novels it’s based on is more of a space opera, providing characters with intricate plots and threads and often grand choices to endure — something that adventure games are known for.

The pre-alpha trailer certainly seems to show a massive ship and the many, many things that can go wrong within it. There’s even zero-G space flight! Woohoo!

The Expanse: A Telltale Series is developed by Deck 9 and Alcon and launches — some day? There’s no launch date yet. Dang!