Dr. Fetus’ Mean Meat Machine gives us more Meat Boy to obliterate

Dr. Fetus’ Mean Meat Machine gives us more Meat Boy to obliterate

Even puzzle games can get extremely violent

Team Meat’s wonderfully gross Super Meat Boy series has been around forever, moving from wild platformer to high speed runner. Now, Headup Games is partnering with the developer to create a new take on the IP: a match-4 puzzle game.


No, really. YAY!

Dr. Fetus’ Mean Meat Machine takes the match-4 puzzle idea but spins in a heck of a lot of typical Meat Boy violence. It’s an homage to Dr Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine (obviously) but the puzzle aspects are in more than just making clumps of colored blocks. The game takes place immediately following Super Meat Boy Forever, with Dr Fetus acquiring all the information he thinks he needs to make a Meat Boy clone. Well, ALMOST all of the information. The clones aren’t exactly perfect, so he’s hoping to weed out the weakest ones by pushing them through traps and perils. This takes the form of recognizable Meat hazards (spikes, buzzsaws, etc) but adding them to the match-4 makes the plays that much more intentional.

It’s a nice variation on the formula, to be honest, and could add a new layer to what makes these types of games so addictive.

The game comes to Xbox, Playstation, Switch, and PC later in 2023.