Hot Take: Dungeon Munchies

Hot Take: Dungeon Munchies

A zombie cookie monster mash up that warms (and eats) our heart

Dungeon Munchies is a quirky and addictive video game that combines dungeon exploration, cooking, and combat. In the game, we play as a zombie named Zara who is on a quest to explore dungeons, fighting monsters, and collect ingredients for cooking specific meals. The cooking mechanics are well-developed and allow us to create a wide variety of off-the-wall dishes that provide various buffs to our character. Want to have butterfly wings? Okay, why not.

The combat system is fast-paced and challenging, requiring us to carefully time our attacks and dodge those of the enemy. The game also features a crafting system that allows us to create weapons, armor, and other useful items. We can even use the arm of a bug as a sword — it’s cool!

The visuals and sound design are excellent, with vibrant colors and catchy music that perfectly capture the game’s quirky and humorous tone. There are multiple dungeons to explore, each with its own unique challenges and rewards, and numerous recipes to discover and collect, as well as a wide variety of monsters and bosses to fight. Overall, Dungeon Munchies is an excellent game that is well worth playing for anyone who enjoys dungeon-crawlers, cooking games, or just good old-fashioned fun.

The game is developed by maJAJa and published by Serenity Forge. This review was based on a Steam code sent to SideQuesting by the publisher. It originally appeared on the January 18th, 2023 episode of The SideQuest.