My 13 yr old self is excited: a Toxic Crusaders game is on the way

My 13 yr old self is excited: a Toxic Crusaders game is on the way

Or, How to be charming and disgusting at the same time

Most people don’t remember the Toxic Avenger. It was a wildly violent, sexualized film series in the 80s & 90s that was every bit a C-movie as you could find on The Movie Channel at 3AM on a Tuesday. Eventually, and for some reason, the movies spun off into a Saturday morning cartoon series for kids (named Toxic Crusaders). It wasn’t great! It was barely passable. But it was also weirdly endearing, and meme-worthy, and I recall watching it fondly for its grossness.

Flash forward some 30-odd years and again, for some reason, the series is making a comeback — this time in game format.

Retroware has announced a Toxic Crusaders beat ’em up is on the way this year, featuring the series’ hero Toxie and his band of weirdos. Up to four players can join the action, selecting from seven different characters and traversing across locations from the “Tromaverse” of movies and shows and — oh, what am I saying, do you like dumb, weird characters with solid combat? This is probably going to be it, then. There are even cutscenes!

Anyhoo, Toxic Crusaders is due to release later this year on essentially every platform.