Movie Trailer Monday: Kraven the Hunter, Witcher, One Piece, and more

Movie Trailer Monday: Kraven the Hunter, Witcher, One Piece, and more

Nerdom rejoice, we hope you like aliens and anime

I am so far behind on One Piece right now, y’all, but I’m plugging through. It is *THE* manga that the SideQuesting team enjoys most, and one that makes a lot of discussion every day. Netflix has had their show in development for a while now, and with the book’s creator Eiichiro Oda involved there is cautious optimism. We already went through live action anime flubbing more than enough times recently, so we’ve been clenching our cheeks a bit. Thankfully, the first teaser trailer for the show actually seems to look pretty good? One Piece will land on Netflix in August.

The anime-turned-IRL isn’t the only Netflix show to drop trailers. The mega-streamer held its TUDUM event recently and dropped a whole heck of a lot of updates to tantalize us.

The Witcher Season 3’s first part arrives on June 29th. It’ll be Hank Cavill’s last season before handing over the reigns.

Beyond the trailer, Netflix dropped a first clip of the show:

Ubisoft shared the first teaser for its Blood Dragon show, Captain Laserhawk, at its Ubisoft Forward event, and it SURE IS SOMETHING. It’s being developed by the team behind the awesome Castlevania series, and should arrive in Fall.

There’s a live action Avatar: The Last Airbender show on the way in 2024, and the first trailer is here. Please forget that M Night Shyamalan made a version first.

3 Body Problem could be a massive hit for Netflix. The show is based on a book series that’s as grand as Game of Thrones, but perhaps even more concise in storytelling. The sci-fi show arrives in January 2024.

They Cloned Tyrone looks incredible. A Blaxploitation film with a Sci-fi tinge and an amazing cast? Sign us up. It arrives in July.

Good Omens season 2 is hitting Amazon prime in July, and brings back David Tennant and Michael Sheen, and adds JON HAMM! Yah, buddy!

The first season of Apple TV’s Foundation was pretty good, and now we’re just a few weeks away from the second. We had a teaser in May, but now we have a gosh darn real trailer to whet our appetites.

If you’ve been in the theaters over the last week, you may have caught that awesome new TMNT: Mutant Mayhem trailer. If not, here it is, and get excited for August!

Speaking of comic book movies, Sony has dropped the first trailer for Kraven the Hunter, its next Spider-man universe film. It has spiders in it to let you know! It arrives in October, alongside the PS5 Spider-man 2 game.

And hey, What We Do In The Shadows is coming back for season 5 and just dropped an awesome new trailer. It’s here in less than a month! Woohoo!

Finally, we like goofy Sci-fi, and Landscape With Invisible Hand seems like the goofiest premise. Aliens love to watch humans for fun, for some reason? It hits theaters in August.