Trailer Tuesday: Godzilla Minus One, Ahsoka, Wonka, and more prepare to grace our screens

Trailer Tuesday: Godzilla Minus One, Ahsoka, Wonka, and more prepare to grace our screens

Get your eyeballs ready, it’s going to be a hell of a second half of the year

With SDCC just over a week away, several studios are skipping this year’s event. That means instead of a big showcase of trailers next week, we’re actually getting several now, and that’s fine by us! In the lead-up to the second half (and beyond) of the year’s features, a bunch of trailers and info is dropping.

Godzilla: Minus One

Announced late last year, the next Godzilla film is being handled by Toho and will focus on Godzilla’s initial appearance after the nuclear events of World War II. The movie hits Japanese theaters in November and the West in December.


The return of the Mandalorian was terrific last year, but it was actually waaaaay back in Season 2 that we had some incredible cameos, including the first IRL appearance of Ahsoka Tano, played by Rosario Dawson. The episode proved so popular that it helped launch excitement for the upcoming show, and now we have an epic trailer for it. Ahsoka hits D+ in August. AND SO DOES THRAWN.


There’s always an origin story. Most of us grew up with Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, or as elementary school kids call it, WILLY WONKA, and had wonder in our eyes for the candy and adventures. Now, we’ll get to see how that candy started and what adventures led to Wonka being the wild man that he is. Also: the origin of the Oompa Loompas. Timothee Chalamet’s version of Wonka arrives during the Holidays.

Dune Part 2

Weirdly enough, Willy Wonka eventually gets exiled from Earth and lands on a distant planet with his family, changing his name to Paul Atreides. Though the trailer for the film was out a couple of weeks back, we feel now is a good time to show it again, as a sort of Yang to Wonka’s Yin. Dune Part 2 arrives in November.

Blue Beetle

There’s a great new Blue Beetle trailer out. The movie looks like a fun take on super heroes, and has a terrific cast, too. The flick is a part of DC Studios, and has broken out of the mess of the DCEU. It lands in theaters in August.


After being away on a spaceship for so long, Futurama is BACK. The series returns on Hulu on July 24, and dropped a zippy trailer to celebrate.

Twisted Metal

Hey, there’s a mighty expletive-filled new trailer for Peacock’s upcoming Twisted Metal series. It’s SOMETHING! Sony is airing our their properties onto screens, with Uncharted, Last of Us, and Gran Turismo, and now Twisted Metal all landing within a couple years of each other. Multimedia IP, baby! Twisted Metal stars Captain America (Anthony Mackie) and hits the streamer on July 27.

Dead Cells

Finally, the last and perhaps most interesting news byte might be that Dead Cells is headed to animation land. The game’s developer, Motion Twin, revealed the news that animation house Bobbypills will be creating a full series based on the game. Expect it in 2024.