Nintendo shadowdrops a new old F-Zero game

Nintendo shadowdrops a new old F-Zero game

Absolute-fucking-chaos on the roads

Out of all of the racing games NIntendo has ever made, the F-Zero series was always the most difficult to master. Not only did it move FAST but it also included more bumping and explosions than we could handle. You mean that not only do I have to win, but I also have to SURVIVE and and not meet an untimely death? Sheesh!

Well, Nintendo is taking that futuristic high speed experience and making it even more wild. During today’s Nintendo Direct the company revealed F-Zero 99, an online multiplayer race featuring nearly a hundred drivers all trying to outlast and outrun the rest.

And, holy moly, there are some WILD traffic jams happening in the game. The premise is simple: 99 players launch from a single starting line and make their way down a progressively narrowing track until they emerge onto the course proper, usually working to last all 4 laps. It seems easy, but it’s deceptively wicked, especially when a big chunk of players are all turning a corner and everyone is bashing into the walls.

But that makes it fun, weirdly. We think? It’s crazy, chaotic, and a mess, but it’s enjoyable. The game is available now for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.