Delay of Game: 2023 turns into 2024 turns into 2025

Delay of Game: 2023 turns into 2024 turns into 2025

From driving to sailing to climbing and jumping, here are the most updated release dates for upcoming games

The end of this year has given us a flurry of updated release dates and delays, which is normal to this time of year. Publishers and developers are figuring out when is the most optimal time to launch their games, whether for monetary or quality or resource reasons, and so the shuffle into the new year continues.

Skull & Bones

Stop us if you’re heard this one before, but Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones is now set to launch on February 16, 2024. Several years of delays led to what feels like a game is getting released to just meet some fiscal responsibility rather than something players care about. But who knows, maybe (hopefully) it’ll surprise all of us and be a fun experience.


We first heard about MOUSE in May, and back then Fumi Games’ wild concept shooter looked weird and wonderful. It still does, mixing 1930s era animation with modern FPS mechanisms. The game has now been given a loose 2025 release timeframe.

Zenless Zone Zero

miHoYo is a busy studio, pumping out free-to-play bangers on the regular. Their next big project is Zenless Zone Zero, which looks to land on platforms in 2024.

South Park: Snow Day!

There’s still a South Park game on the way, and this one is heading right back into the weird, low-poly -ish world of the N64. South Park: Snow Day! is a snowball fight. That’s basically it! Multiplayer? Sure. Some plot? Probably. It’s landing in Spring, though. March 26, 2024. Perfect timing.

The First Descendant

It’s easy to have forgotten about the First Descendant, but it’s an intriguing game that’s been on our radars for a while now. Nexon is developing this F2P looter shooter, which has been in and out of betas for a while now. It’s scheduled to arrive Summer 2024.

Rise of the Ronin

It’s been a long while since we last saw Rise of the Ronin, but Team Ninja’s next action game is finally coming into view with a new trailer. It also now has a March 22, 2024 release date, too.

Metaphor: ReFantazio

The Persona team’s next major RPG isn’t a new Persona game, but rather a Persona-ish game! Metaphor: ReFantazio looks real cool, what with its kingdom-saving adventure. It launches Fall 2024.


Demonschool is a game we’ve loved since we tried it at PAX East earlier this year. It was meant to launch in 2023, but it’s now been pushed to a nebulous Q2 2024. Maybe soon after PAX this year?

Pacific Drive

Another PAX East game (and PAX West!) that we fell in love with is Pacific Drive. It’s been pushed around a bit, but now has a release date! Hope into the post-apocalyptic family wagon on February 22, 2024.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine II

We’ve been enjoying the Warhammer games more and more latestly, and had Space marine II circled as one to watch. The new(est) date is September 9, 2024.

Lightyear Frontier

Open world farming? YUP. We’ve been ogling Lightyear Frontier for a minute, and now have a release date for its Early Access: March 2024.