DreamWorks All-Star Kart Racing review

DreamWorks All-Star Kart Racing review

You really, REALLY have to be able to quote Boss Baby to like this game

Let’s get right to the point: this game is just okay. Granted, it’s not as broken as other kart racers can be, nor is it especially difficult or challenging. It’s just… there.

DreamWorks All-Star Kart Racing serves some kind of purpose, which is to say that the developers saw a recent gap in the kart genre and wanted to capitalize. It has a lot of recognizable characters and locations, but that’s really all the game is built around. It’s missing any real depth, and once we’re done with a few races we feel like we’re done for the night — or maybe longer. For fans of Shrek and other DreamWorks IP this is probably going to satiate them for a bit, and with decent visuals the characters do pop, but they’d have to really, really, REALLY be a fan to want to subject themselves to the same quips over and over.

For everyone else it’s another Kart game, just enough to help us kill an hour or so while watching something else on the bigger screens in our houses.

This review is based on a Steam code sent to SideQuesting by the publisher. It first appeared on the November 26th episode of The SideQuest Live.