Is Kojima’s PHYSINT project the first game announced for PlayStation 6?

Is Kojima’s PHYSINT project the first game announced for PlayStation 6?

New stealth action game looks to be developed for “next gen”

Hideo Kojima is returning to the stealth action genre that first put him on the video game map. Announced during Sony’s first PlayStation State of Play of 2024, the game is Kojima’s third new IP announced and will be titled PHYSINT. It’ll utilize the latest cutting-edge technology from Sony to come to life. It’s planned to be a game, but with a more “cinema-like” feel. Watch the announcement here:

Cool! We love that the KING is headed back to his stealth kingdom for another run and we love the hours-long cinematics in MGS games. But what really perks up our ears is the subsequent tweet from Kojima about the project:

“It is a completely new “Action Espionage” for the next-generation.”

That line could be revealing a lot more than just a throwaway sentence. The original Death Stranding landed in 2019 on PS4, the PS5 launched in 2020, and Death Stranding 2 is launching in 2025. His Xbox project OD is likely arriving sometime after that — let’s guess late 2025/2026. Even if PHYSINT is in heavy production, it’ll take a couple of years at the earliest, which would put it into 2026 or 2027. With console cycles lasting around 7 years the probability that the game could launch on the next PlayStation (a PS6, or a late gen PS5 Pro?) is HIGHLY likely.

Kojima Productions’ games are tour de forces and don’t work to meet a timeline — they hit shelves when they’re done and perfect and huge. Start making room on your entertainment centers.