Port Report: Epic Mickey, Monster Hunter Stories,  Sonic and more blasting from the past

Port Report: Epic Mickey, Monster Hunter Stories, Sonic and more blasting from the past

With a lighter year comes the yesteryear

This year is going to be lighter on massive releases when compared to 2023. Last year was likely coming up to the end of the “catch up” from the pandemic production shifts. Console sales are slowing down (for Switch & Xbox) and about to do the same for PlayStation, with new hardware upgrades either confirmed or rumored for release within the next 12-24 months. Also, a heck ton of layoffs and project cancellations have taken place, which has greatly affected development times (and people’s lives, more importantly). New games are well underway in dev, but with all of the chaos 2024 will be a transitionary one.

That means ports and remakes, baby.

We’ve already seen several remakes launch just two months into this year, but there are plenty more on the schedule. Announced over the last couple of weeks, we have some some real bangers coming back, whether they’re just finally releasing on new platforms or full remakes. Here’s some of the stuff we’re looking forward to checking out.

Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed

Epic Mickey has seen nostalgia through rose-tinted glasses lately. Originally trapped on the Wii, the game built up a sort of cult following over the years. Apart from the motion controls (they were a good idea at the time, maybe?) the other big pain was the game’s camera. While both were sort of updated and fixed in the sequel, the original is what fans originally liked. So, call it a surprise that THQ and Disney have decided to bring the game back after 14 years. It was announced at the Nintendo Partner Direct but will arrive for all major platforms later this year.

Until Dawn

The hit PS4 game Until Dawn is finally making its way to PS5 and PC with a “completely remade” version, whatever that meads. Probably better GRAPHICS. It’s wild, too, considering that original developer Supermassive just announced some hefty layoffs, so there hasn’t been word on who’s developing this version. It arrives later this year.

Sonic X Shadow Generations

Sonic Generations was a fun game when it launched back in 2011. It captured the essence of the original Sonic(s) and added in features from the modern Sonic(s), and even allowed players to take on both versions of the blue hedgehog. Well, with the sort of rebirth of Sonic over the last several years SEGA has decided to bring back this game, albeit with the inclusion of Shadow as one of the playable characters, with new levels added for him as well. It arrives this fall for all platforms.

Monster Hunter Stories

MonHun has become a massive series in the West now, with World and Rise becoming multi-million sellers. Monster Hunter Stories 2 did decent on the Switch, too. Its predecessor, however, was trapped on the 3DS (and mobile later) as it launched late in the little handheld’s life. With the next MonHun game on the way probably in 2025 or so, and Capcom looking to fill a void, the company has opted to bring an upgraded version of the original to market. This new version of Monster Hunter Stories will feature HD visuals, fully voiced audio, a museum, and all of the title updates that came to Japan but not the US. It arrives on PS4, Switch, and PC later this year.

Silent Hill 2 Remake

I don’t quite know what to think about the remake to an all-time classic horror game, but the genre is all the rage now, so why not? The game will launch later this year on PS5.

Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection

This was a surprise. The original Battlefront games are on the way to modern devices, as Aspyr is bringing the Star Wars multiplayer madness to more homes. The two classic games were mainstays of the multiplayer scene back in “the day” and now they’ll let up to 64 people battle it out next month (March!) on everything from Switch to PC to probably toasters, too.

Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On!

Pocket Card Jockey was a must own 3DS game, lost to time and space — until just tis past year when it relaunched on iOS. The poker-meets-horse racing mix (perfect for totally not inducing a gambling addiction) was a true gem, and now the iOS version is landing on Switch. Or, HAS landed. It’s out now. Play it would touch controls if you can.

XBOX games galore

After Xbox’s nothingburger of a business update last week, we’ve been curious as to which games will launch on new platforms — and now we know! Pentiment is out now on Switch and PS5, Grounded will hit both in April, Hi-Fi Rush is hitting PS5 on March 19, and Sea of Thieves lands on the console on April 30. Direct from Microsoft.

As an aside, Microsoft also brought 5 more games to the Switch. The company revealed 5 of its Rare games were hitting Nintendo Switch Online for subscribers, from the NES to N64 eras: R.C. Pro-Am, Snake Rattle N Roll, Killer Instinct, Battletoads in Battlemaniacs, and Blast Corps.

Ninja Five-O

What the heck?! This was a wild announcement. This classic Konami game is INCREDIBLY rare, not being released in Japan and only in the West for the GBA. Limited Run Games is releasing a version for the Switch, PlayStation and PC at some point — there’s no release date yet.

Felix the Cat Collection

Another Konami classic from a bygone era, this collection brings together the original NES game and its Gameboy sequel. Some lite QoL updates (like save states and a rewind feature) are being added. It arrives on PlayStation, Switch and PC on March 28.

Dave the Dive + DLC

Finally, Dave the Diver is headed to PlayStation platforms, and bringing Godzilla DLC with it (which will be available on everything. Jump into the waters, again, with this NOT AN INDIE GAME in April.