Heartworm [hands-on preview]

Heartworm [hands-on preview]

Classically-inspired fear that wriggles its way into our psyche

We often look to the past for inspiration, channeling the feelings of games we played when we were in our tweens. It’s a trend, but it’s a good trend. The retro-made-modern era of games is here to stay, and Heartworm evokes the fear experienced when playing classics like Resident Evil or Silent Hill. It’s got fixed camera angles, tank controls, and PS1-era graphics; everything you’d expect from a retro-horror game.

One exception is combat. Our protagonist Sam is armed with a camera that you “shoot” enemies with, but when aiming, your camera turns into an over-the-shoulder view. Not only is this just a great quality of life improvement, it also lets you skirt around the fixed camera angles. Just aim into a room before entering, and you’ll see right in.

We gave Heartworm a Team Choice Award this year and for good reason. From the demo I played, it hit all the right notes, and we are all waiting to be thoroughly spooked when it comes out in early 2025. The demo is currently out on Steam.

~~ Heartworm won a SideQuesting Team Choice Award at PAX East 2024 ~~